About Pet Stop® Pet Fence Systems of AL

Dedicated to Bringing You the Best in Products & Customer Service

We've supplied thousands of Alabama families with the very best in pet safety and training equipment since 1994, containing over 13,000 pets.  Our Pet Stop® electronic pet containment systems are unmatched in the underground pet fencing industry. We offer the same professional quality products and installation services for pet doors, including dog doors or cat doors.


About two years after we opened for business, one of our customers asked if we could install a pet door for her.  We said no, we had never installed a pet door and couldn't do a proper job.  A couple of days later, she called back and said that she could not get any contractor interested in such a small job, and that we should really consider adding pet door services to our offerings.  We agreed with her logic, and purchased several different pet doors to determine which were appropriate for our business.  After a couple of months, we chose two brands to begin installing, one of which we still offer - Plexidor® Performance Pet Doors.  We have installed more than 500 pet doors since then.  We also offer custom installation services including building steps or other structures needed for their safe and easy use.

As with our Pet Stop® pet fence products, we continue to surpass all pet door companies. In the Birmingham and central Alabama area, we have 10 years more experience than any local dog fence or pet door competitor.  We are Alabama's Pet Door Experts™.


Products & Services:
  • Pet Door Sales & Installation
  • Electric Pet Fences
  • Dog Fence Batteries
  • Dog Fence System Service

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