Pet Door Brands & Types

We carry only the best pet door brands for top performance and lasting durability. All three are proudly made in America.  Click the logos to see a prices and measurements for the respective products.


Plexidor Performance® Pet Doors

Plexidor® pet doors feature aircraft-grade aluminum frames designed for years of heavy use. Saloon-style, double-paned Plexiglas doors provide excellent weather insulation. The thick steel bolt-on plate provides unmatched security. Door and Wall mount models are available. Proudly made in Florida, USA.


Patio Pacific® Endura Pet Doors

Patio Pacific® pet doors feature Endura flaps, available with both single and dual flaps for added insulation. Door mount and Wall mount models are available. Proudly made in California, USA.


Hale® Pet Doors

Hale® Pet Door has been building the world's finest pet doors since 1985.  Proudly made in Arizona, USA, Hale pet doors are true "access solutions". We have models for doors, walls, patio doors, French doors, screens and even windows!  For unusual jobs, Hale can even build custom sized pet doors to suit your application.


ThermoSash® Pet Doors for Sash Window Installation

These are great for use in sash type windows which are lower near floor level, or for use as cat doors your dog can't get to. Excellent quality aluminum frames and the availability of several colors, along with easy, non-damaging installation makes these a very popular choice. Proudly made in California, USA.

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