Pet Door Installation Services

We can install your new pet door in a variety of methods too.  Here are some of the many different pet door types and installation applications:

 If your installation requires a Custom-Built pet door, we can do that too.  Or we'll install a pet door you have already purchased.  Just contact us for a specialized consultation.

Pet Stop of Alabama: Pet Door Installation Price List


Application Type

Entry Type & Material


Standard Door

Wood, Fiberglass, or Metal


Wall 1

Wood, Vinyl, or Cement Board Siding (Wood interior framing)


Wall 2

Wood, Vinyl, or Cement Board Siding (Block or masonry)


Wall 3

Brick, Stucco, or Dryvit Siding (Wood interior framing)


Wall 4

Brick, Stucco, or Dryvit Siding (Block or masonry)


Wall 5

Stone or Block Exterior (No poured concrete)


Wall 6

Poured Concrete (With any type exterior cladding)

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Specialty Door

Sliding Glass, French Door, or Glass Door

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Any type of window

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1. In most cases we require a separate subcontractor to cut poured concrete

2. In some cases we may employ a glass company for specialized glass work.

3. All window applications are somewhat specialized. Installation pricing will be quoted on an individual basis.

About Our Pet Door Installation Prices

> Standard Doors are defined as walk-through doors with no glass in the bottom half.

> If electrical outlet relocation is required, additional charges will be incurred.

> If extra framing or trim work is required, additional charges will be incurred. 

> If painting or staining is required, additional charges will be incurred. 


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