Pet Doors for Standard Walk-through Doors

The Most Common Type of Pet Door Application


Most often, there is a standard walk-through door in an acceptable location to provide a pet entry and exit point to and from the home. In some cases, a combination of doors might be your best option, with one providing access from the home's interior to the garage and another for access outdoors. While it is advisable to use similar pet door types when two are installed, it is fine to use two different brands or types as long as you are willing to teach your pets, with a little patience, to use them.

Both manually operated pet doors and electronic, or automatic pet doors can be installed into a standard walk-through door.  We have a few different electronic models, triggered by coded RFID signals to allow access to only pets wearing matching RFID tags.  These types of electronic pet doors are much more reliable and accurate than older technology like infrared or magnetic activation.  All our manufacturers produce manual pet doors in several sizes and styles, but we have electronic models from only PetSafe (SmartDoor) and Plexidor at this time.  Look for more electronic models soon.


Security Options For Your Pet Door Application


When you need a pet door for access to the outside of your home, security is sometimes a concern.  Our selection of pet doors includes choices to suit the security-concious homeowner as well as simpler pet doors for access between interior spaces, or where security is not a priority.  Some of the pet doors we offer, specifically Plexidor and Hale Pet Doors, offer effective security options to help prevent unwanted access to your home through a pet door.


Simple and effective, Plexidor Performance Pet Door models come with a heavy-duty steel security plate instead of the standard non-metal door blocker offered by most manufacturers.  With it's built-in machine screws, it takes only a minute to secure the plate to the pet door's frame, blocking access totally. For easy everyday use, the plexiglas panels in Plexidor pet doors have a keyed lock.


Hale Pet Door offers a variety of unique, patented Security Barriers to provide excellent protection against intrusion.  Their Cat Guardian barriers are designed to prevent cats or other animals from using the pet door.



> Standard Doors are defined as walk-through doors with no glass in the bottom half.

> If extra framing or trim work is required, additional charges will be incurred.


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